Software-as-a-Service technology

Gingercake Software helps companies around the world better manage their flexible workforces, including contractors, temporary workers and service firms managed under Statements of Work
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Why you'll love using Gingercake Software for projects and outsourced services

  • It helps make the daunting task of managing services less scary.
  • Manage many little projects under one big project.
  • Even if you're not billing by the hour you can still track workers' time to ensure it's time well spent.
  • Identify overlaps and gaps between your contingent staff and workers engaged through a SOW.
  • Gingercake Software is highly configurable so that it works the way you work.
  • You' ll get super slick approvals.
  • Total visibility; audit trails as far as the day is long.
  • Invoices are automatically generated based on approved payment characteristics
  • Consolidate, reconcile and process
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Cost-Reduction without Increasing Regulatory or Business Risk

Increase corporate productivity, and individual workforce member productivity. Efficiently create validation documentation. Determine risk in a process. Write test cases that trace to elements of risk management. Significantly lower costs and reduce software implementation time.

Compliance Intergration

Develop SOPs that build infrastructure and ensure compliance: training, building security, network security, backup, archiving, system maintenance, change control, disaster recovery, electronic signatures, record retention, software procurement, software vendor auditing, user validation, developer validation.

Software Management

Research the market for cost effective solutions and perform product comparisons. Develop contracts for purchasing, installation, maintenance, and professional services. Coordinate and perform hardware and software installation.